A guide to Chinese instruments: Flowerpot and Paigu Drums 花盆鼓、排鼓

NOTE FROM JONAH: This is Part IV in “A Guide to Chinese Musical Instruments” a video series for Danwei.

From Wikipedia:The Chinese paigu (排鼓; pinyin: páigǔ; also spelled pai gu) is a set of three to seven tuned drums (in most instances five are used), traditionally made of wood with animal skin heads. It is played by beating the heads (and sometimes also the body) with sticks. Most drums are double-sided and turnable. Both sides have different tunings. Tuning is done through the use of Allen keys.

Flowerpot and Paigu Drums 花盆鼓、排鼓
Wang Jun 王军, Improvisation 即兴

Jonah M. Kessel | jonahkessel.com
Kit Gillet | kitgillet.com

Jeremy Goldkorn | Danwei.com
Jonah M. Kessel | jonahkessel.com
Kit Gillet | kitgillet.com

Thanks to all the featured musicians & teachers from China Conservatory of Music and China Conservatory High School.

Special thanks to Dong Nan for organizing musicians and venues.


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